Our trip to Finland

As part of the Comenius project 4 students and 2 teachers from our school participated in a meeting in Finland from 1/3/2015 to 6/3/2015.


On Sunday morning we all met at the central station and took the train to Berlin. From there we went by plane to Vantaa which is next to Helsinki. It was really a long trip and we finally arrived only at about 8pm. Our host families waited for us at the airport and welcomed us warmly.

The next day all participants of the Comenius project came together in the Sotunki Upper Secondary School. Students from 8 different countries traveled to Finland to exchange experiences, for example from Belgium, Poland and Turkey. We presented our theatre/musical and drama pieces about women to each other and got to know all students. It was really funny.
On Tuesday we all went to Helsinki and spent the whole day over there. The visit of the Market Square, Uspenski Cathedral and the city museum were planned. The highlight of the day was that we saw the Queen and King of Sweden together with the Finish president. After lunch we were to the Olympic Stadium from 1952 and then we had a wonderful time ice – skating in Helsinki. It was a very great day but the weather was bad.

The day after that we took the bus to Porvoo. Porvoo is an old town and we had a guided city tour in the morning. Finally we had a little spare time for shopping and everybody looked for a nice present. The whole day we looked forward to swimming in the frozen lake and we liked it a lot. Before, we also went to the sauna. We spent the evening again with our host families and we had a lot to tell each other.

On Thursday morning we met again in Sotunki School. Unfortunately during the sport activities a Finish girl had a little accident and hurt her back. We were all shocked but hoped she was going to get better soon. Our last common event was a writing workshop with the topic “A woman I admire”. On our last evening we had a last dinner all together in Vantaa. At midnight we had to say goodbye and we all had to cry.
What had impressed us most during this week was the kindness of the Finish people. We spent some of the most fantastic days of our life in Finland.

Text: Nicole Schneider (9c)

Englisch – Deutsch

Vom 1.März -6.März 2015 reisten Nicole, Adrian, Alexis und Julia mit Frau Ruhnke und Frau Weber zum sechsten Austauschtreffen unseres aktuellen Comeniusprojektes „The world:through my eyes, through your eyes“ nach Vantaa (Helsinki).
Unsere finnischen Partner ermöglichten uns einen vielfältigen Einblick in ihr Leben: Eislaufen, Stadtrundgang Helsinki, Saunabesuch und Baden im gefrorenen See. Aber auch die Arbeit an unserem Projekt mit einer Schreibwerkstatt zum Thema „Eine Frau, die ich bewundere“ und Theateraufführungen zum Thema „Frauen“ kam nicht zu kurz. Wie eng die Schüler in der kurzen Zeit zusammengewachsen waren, zeigte der erneut tränenreiche Abschied.

Im Mai richten wir das Abschlusstreffen aus und freuen uns auf ca. 40 Jugendliche aus ganz Europa!

Text: Tina Weber